When we first got our house, the previous owners kindly left us a kitchen table. It was incredibly helpful of them, and it lasted us a couple of years, but it was too large for our kitchen. At the time I had been learning how to turn wood, under the guidance of one of our old neighbours.

Once I knew what I was doing, I decided to have a go at making an extendable kitchen table to replace it.

I had no patterns to work from, so I made it up as I went along.

Here it is, from start to finish (apologies for the photo quality, they were taken with the camera on the phone I had at the time):


I started off with these lovely planks of oak

Oak beams

After gluing the beams together, we had  a nice blank to turn the table leg from.

Table leg 1

Ah, it’s starting to look like a table leg now…

Table leg 2

Obviously I needed some way of attaching the leg to the table, so I left a block on the top of the leg

(We’ll come back to this in a bit)

top of table leg

Next, we need some feet

feet 1

feet 2

It’s getting a little more table-like, now for the top

almost a table

This is the frame for underneath the tabletop

frame underneath table top

Planks have been glued together ready to make the tabletop

planks glued together for table top

Table top cut out, jig still attached

table top cut out

All done and ready to take home…

Extendable kitchen table

Here’s a view from the toptop of table