As an introduction to the work that I do, I thought I’d start by sharing some work in progress photos showing the making of my oil catch tank. It’s a part I made especially for my own car.

The welding is still not upto scratch but Im working on it! The oil catch tank is a little overkill but it is for my own car, and it wouldn’t be mine if it wasn’t.

First, I cut and folded the plate, then welded up to form the tank.

oil catch tank 1

Then I welded the AN-10 fittings onto plates and made baffles for them

oil catch tank 2 - baffles

oil catch tank - baffle 2

oil catch tank - completed baffle

Then I welded plates to the inside of the tank to bolt the fittings on to so they can be removed to be cleaned.

oil catch tank holes for baffles

Then drilled and tapped the holes

oil catch tank 3

Next was to make the filter housing/ lid I fancied trying something different with this! its made from 12mm billet plate!

oil catch tank 4

oil catch tank 5

oil catch tank 6

oil catch tank 7

Top plate all done, not bad for a first attempt at machining letters, even if I do say so myself 🙂

Filter housing for oil catch tank

Making the sight glass housing

sight glass housing 1

sight glass housing 2

sight glass housing 2

sight glass housing 4

Fitting the sight glass to the oil catch tank

fitting the sight glass

It’s almost there. It just needs finishing off and fitting now.

Engine Breather oil catch tank

And finally, here it is. Painted and fitted.

Oil catch tank finished & fitted