First of all, I’d just like to wish you a Happy New Year!


I made three bedside tables, a while ago now. For my first post of the year, I thought you may like to see them in as works in progress from start to finish.
Two of them are solid Mahogany with veneered tops and one is solid Oak with a veneered top.

The two mahogany ones were for our home and the oak one was for my parents.


First things first, cutting the wood for the legs and frame to size

Bedside table - cutting the legs and frame to size

Marking out the joints

Bedside tables - marking the joints

Cutting out the slots to join them together with

Bedside tables - cutting out the joint slots

And here they are cut out. If you look carefully, you can just make out my little table design drawing.

Bedside tables - joint holes cut out

The frame and legs with the joints cut. These parts are ready to be put together now

Bedside tables - legs & frame with joints cut out

Attaching the edges of the table top

Bedside table - attaching the table top edges

And the frames are now ready to be assembled

Bedside tables - frames ready for assembly

And here they are…

All they need now is the finishing touches. Staining or oiling.

These are the mahogany tables (sorry for the bad photo on this one)

Bedside tables almost finished

This is the oak table, the photo is one’s a bit better 🙂

Bedside Table - front view

Here’s a closer look at the shelf on the oak table

Bedside table - closer view of shelf

And a view from the side of the oak table

Bedside table side view