We have two large altar candles on our mantlepiece at home and, for the last year or so, they have just been sat on saucers.

They are lit regularly, usually when we are watching a film. It looks great to have them lit in winter too when the log burner is lit.

Last weekend I decided that they needed something a little more decorative to sit on, so I made a pair of candle holders for them.

I’d found three old P38 Range Rover air bag pedestals, and being no good for anything else, I thought I’d recycle them.


So, here they are, in their original state

P38 Range Rover air bag pedestals in their original state

The first job was to turn them on the metal lathe to clean them up.

Turning the pedestals on the metal lathe

The first one is getting there slowly, but already looking so much better.

The first pedestal is getting there slowly

Here they are, almost done. Just the bottoms to tidy up now.

Pedestals almost finished, just the bottoms to do now

Here they are side by side. as you can see on the left hand pedestal, I have dished the top part of it.

This will help to stop any wax from spilling over the edge.

Pedestals almost finished, just need to dish the one on the right

Here we have the finished pedestals, looking shiny and new and ready for their plinths to be made.

Finished pedestals

I found these wood blanks in my workshop. I think it may be rosewood (if anyone can confirm this, I would be grateful).

Wood for the plinths

Next job is to turn them so that they fit the pedestals

Turning the wood for the plinths

Here are the finished plinths, as you can see I’ve created an internal hole so that the pedestals slot into them.

Finished plinths

And here is a side view of the finished plinths.

I have to say that this wood is beautiful.

Side view of finished plinths

Finally here are the finished candle holders.

Finished candleholders

And a view from the top and side

Candle holders - view from top and side

Finally, here they are in pride of place on our mantlepiece.

Candle holders on the mantlepiece

I really enjoyed making them, now if only I could find a fourth pedestal so I could make another pair…


If you would like something similar making for you, or for a gift, just get in touch and let me know what you would like.

I’d love to hear from you.