Engineering & Metalwork Portfolio

Here is a selection of some of our previous engineering & metalwork orders.

If you see something that interests you please get in touch and we’ll see what we can do to create something for you.


RCH Engineering | dowel drilling jig top view

Dowl drilling jig

RCH Engineering - Motorbike wheel treeMotorbike wheel tree

RCH Engineering - custom grooved gear knob

Custom gear knob

RCH Engineering | bespoke metalwork | metal cigar holder

Cigar holder

RCH Engineering | motorbike foot pegs top view

Knurled Motorbike Footpegs

RCH Engineering | Spray gun holder

Spray gun holders

RCH Engineering | Forming rollers

Forming rollers

Vice Grip VIPS Tools - side view

Vice Grip VIPS Tools

Air pipe tool for VIPS fittings

Plastic air pipe tool for VIPS Fittings

Get In Touch

If you have any metal work enquiries that you would like us to look at for you, don’t hesitate to contact us…